Two-room-apartment: MLD Trailstar

Today I made a stroll up in the vineyards to do some exercise with my new favorite tarp: the MLD Trailstar.

I have some experience with tarps and the learning curve is steep with this one, but I wanted to pitch it in a few different variants under ideal and sunny conditions. And for a Photoshooting too – because its a real beauty!

Thanks to Steven who made my decision for the Trailstar very easy and his pitching guide helps a lot to steepen the learning curve!

I slept already one first night under the Trailstar on a hike with some friends from the trekking-ultraleicht forum. It wasn’t a perfect pitch in the dark – but still, even with a lot of wind it was stable and comfy the whole night.

Some photos from my exercises:

First time: just arrived and pitched on the micro-campsite in my tiny garden.  Not so nice – but there wasn’t enough space!

Peinlich, peinlich!

First field testing:

Naja – geht so

And now – end of the first training session:

Mittelhoch und schön abgespannt
Einfach grossartig
Ich kann mich beinahe drin verirren

Inside there is so much space, I can even sit in the back behind the stick – and getting lost!

Flach wie eine Schildkröte

Coming inside is only by crawling – bad weather pitch, flat as a turtle. But I can sit inside near the stick. Opening is on the right side.

Variante als vierseitige Pyramide

It is possible to use it in a pyramid (four-side) variant like the Duomid (the Trailstar is actually five-side), very high, very good protection with a small opening. The fifth side can be fixed inside.

Ein schmaler Spalt als Eingang
Die fünfte Seite kann innen fixiert werden
Mit vier Stöcken kann das Trailstar beinahe als LeanTo aufgebaut werden

With 4 sticks it is possible to pitch it more open – 3 sides are fixed on the ground, the other 2 sides can be lifted an still be fixed under tension. I had only 2 sticks with me – therefore on this photo I was holding two guylines.

Conclusion: I love it! It is simple and it is flexible: with the same tarp I can sleep completly „indoor“ when weather conditions are bad or worse; or I have the open feeling of a tarp with close contact to nature.

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